About the network


The N-PACT network and its members represent the Norwegian activities in the fields of theoretical particle physics, theoretical astroparticle physics, as well as theoretical cosmology. The network has been founded in 2017 and is steadily growing over the past years with participants from the University of Stavanger, the University of Oslo, the University of Bergen, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the University of Agder and the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

The goal of this network is to foster exchange among researchers in the respective fields and to provide means of improving the education of the next generation of theoretical physicists by organizing schools and common educational programs.

The 2020 N-PACT meeting took place between August 4rd - 6th at the University of Agder in Kristiansand. Further details about the event, as well as registration information and timetable are available via the N-PACT 2020 indico page

If you have questions about the scientific and outreach activities of NPACT, please feel free to contact Dr. Alexander Rothkopf at the University of Stavanger via email: alexander.rothkopf@uis.no

NPACT Activities

Yearly Reports

The yearly reports provide an overview of the members of NPACT and contains a comprehensive publication list.

  • Documents
  • 2017: PDF
  • 2018: PDF
  • 2019: PDF
  • 2020: PDF
  • Annual Meetings

    The annual N-PACT meetings are a forum for exchange between members of the network, as well as an excellent opportunity for students and postdocs to present their recent work to a diverse audience of theoretical physicists.

  • Meetings
  • 2018: Program
  • 2019: Program
  • 2020: Program
  • Name Uni Email Web
    Prabal AdhikariNTNUdprabal.adhikari@ntnu.nolink
    Daniel AlvestadUiSdaniel.alvestad@uis.nolink
    Jens Oluf AndersenNTNUjens.andersen@ntnu.nolink
    Mark BogersUiSmark.bogers@uis.nolink
    Nils-Erik BomarkUiAnils-erik.bomark@uia.nolink
    Tomas BraunerUiStomas.brauner@uis.nolink
    Torsten BringmannUiOtorsten.bringmann@fys.uio.nolink
    Yilun DuUiByilun.du@uib.nolink
    Magdalena ErikssonNTNUmagdalena.eriksson@ntnu.nolink
    Georgios FiliosUiSgeorgios.filios@uis.nolink
    Jake GordinUiOj.e.b.gordin@fys.uio.nolink
    Sigbjørn HervikUiSsigbjørn.hervik@uis.nolink
    Michael KachelriessNTNUmichael.kachelriess@ntnu.nolink
    Jörn KerstenUiBjoern.kersten@uib.nolink
    Helena KolesovaUiShelena.kolesova@uis.nolink
    Aleksi KurkelaUiSaleksi.kurkela@uis.nolink
    Anders KvellestadUiOanders.kvellestad@fys.uio.nolink
    Paolo MarcocciaUiSpaolo.marcoccia@uis.nolink
    David MotaUiOD.F.Mota@astro.uio.nolink
    Germano NardiniUiSgermano.nardini@uis.nolink
    Alex Bentley NielsenUiSalex.b.nielsen@uis.nolink
    Ben David NormannUiSben.d.normann@uis.nolink
    Odd Magne ØgreidHvLOdd.Magne.Ogreid@hvl.nolink
    Per OslandUiBper.osland@uib.nolink
    Daniel PablosUiBdaniel.pablos@uib.nolink
    Gaurang ParkarUiSgaurang.parkar@uis.nolink
    Are RaklevUiOare.rachlow@fys.uio.nolink
    Alexander RothkopfUiSalexander.rothkopf@uis.nolink
    Anastasia SokolenkoUiOanastasia.sokolenko@fys.uio.nolink
    Marius SolbergNTNUmarius.solberg@ntnu.nolink
    Adam TakacsUiBadam.takacs@uib.nolink
    Jonas TjemslandNTNUjonas.tjemsland@ntnu.nolink
    Mikjel ThorsrudHiOfmikjel.thorsrud@hiof.nolink
    Anders TranbergUiSanders.tranberg@uis.nolink
    Konrad TywoniukUiBkonrad.tywoniuk@uib.nolink
    Jeriek van den AbeeleUiOj.van.d.abeele@fys.uio.nolink